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Inherent Risks Associated With Wilderness Areas


There are inherent risks involved with wilderness canoeing and camping trips which may result in injury, illness, or death to you or your party members. These risks include, but are not limited to high winds, isolated rapids and waterfalls, lightening, fire, falling objects, trip hazards, absence of quick medical help, and the fact that the wilderness is a constantly changing environment. It is impossible for LaTourell's Moose Lake Outfitters to warn your party about specific risk situations. It is the responsibility of the party to evaluate each situation as it may occur. LaTourell's does not assume responsibility for services provided by other companies including, but not limited to air flight transportation. A statement of your understanding and assumption of these types of risks must be signed prior to your trip departure by each member of the group - NO EXCEPTIONS!

Parents and guardians not accompanying their minor children must sign for each child prior to the departure of their trip. Signatures must be dated and witnessed, preferably by an adult leader of the group.

Download our Assumption of Risk form.