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LaTourell Family Pictures

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Bill Berglund (who gave Isle of Pines to Dorothy Molter) with Grandpa Hollis and August Berglund

Grandpa Hollis guiding

Grandpa Hollis with big lake trout, 1961

Great Grandpa LaTourell at Bill Berglunds (later Dorothy Molters Isle of Pines)

Grandpa Hollis LaTourell

Grandpa Hollis and Gandma Mae

Grandma Mae, Bob Sr. (Jeep), and Uncle Dave

Grandma Mae, Aunt Mary, and Aunt Toots at Keelers on Knife Lake

Bob Sr. (Jeep) with Dorothy Molter

Mindy and Missy with Dorothy Molter

Mindy and Missy in the BWCA with then Vice-President Walter Mondale

Mindy and Missy with then MN Govenor Rudy Perpich

Bob, Missy, and Mindy fishing when they were little

Jeep driving on the lake 2004

Jeep, Bob, and Bob's son Brock